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This Winter, What All Can You Do in Copper Mountain?

Copper Mountain resort has a range of activities that’ll keep you busy. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a five-year-old or an octogenarian accompanying you, here you’ll find something or other that’ll captivate everyone’s interest. So, now, let’s list all the fun activities that you can (and should) do in Copper Mountain (if you spend your winter holidays here).

Mountain orientation tours:

Here’s a golden opportunity if you’ve always pined for meeting Mr. Mountain and its brothers in the flesh (or in the snow). You’ll be accompanied by a resort ambassador so that you shouldn’t get lost in the grandiose imposed by these rocky behemoths. The activity is ideal for everyone—no matter whether they’re first-timers or not. If a visitor is less than eighteen years of age, she/he must be accompanied by a legal guardian or a parent.

Snowshoe tours:


There’s an immeasurable charm when it comes to visiting snow-covered mountains, glades, pine and spruce forests, and meadows. And the charm becomes heightened when you’re exploring these frigid terrains using snowshoes. The tour is applicable for all and sundry; however, you’re still advised to make a pick as per your and your group’s physical abilities.

Pipe parks:


Copper Mountain features one of the finest pipe parks in North America. We’re glad to tell you that if you’re planning to visit the area’s pipe parks, you’ll be spoiled for choices. Here, you can find a range of pipe parks, including Eagle Jib Park, Catalyst Terrain Park, Kidz Terrain Park, and Main Vein Superpipe.

Here’s your guide to exploring the vast powdery expanses of snow on a snowmobile. If you’re one of those who like to vroom through the unsoiled whiteness of a mountain, taking a snowmobile ride is an apt thing to do.

So, now, we hope that you’ve got enough reasons to visit Copper Mountain at least once in your lifetime.