8 Ways to Satisfy Your Adventure Craze In Colorado

Colorado has some of the most stunning wilderness areas and mountain ranges. The state is home to well-known towns like Denver, which offers a wide variety of museums and art for people who prefer cities to the outdoors. Let’s have a look at some of the best places you can visit to fulfill your adventure craze in Colorado. Denver is also rich in Wild West legends and is renowned worldwide for its wildlife and outdoor activities.

The typical tourist will go hiking, skiing, and then to the breweries. However, if you’re seeking more unique experiences, there are many bizarre attractions to make your trip and Instagram account unforgettable. Read on and start making plans for your weekend getaway or day trip if you’re looking for an adventure craze in Colorado, out-of-the-ordinary, “are we going to do this?” things to do when you visit Colorado.

Let’s examine the top adventure craze in Colorado:

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Near Morrison, Colorado, there is a rock formation called Red Rocks Amphitheatre. The natural splendor of these rocks, conveniently located 15 miles outside Denver, will take your breath away. The rock formations thought to have been used by the Ute tribe before westward expansion offer perfect acoustics for live music performances. Bands and artists play on a rock stage!

If you enjoy music, make sure to check out the performances held at Red Rocks. It is owned and run by the city of Denver and has hosted performances by musicians of different genres, including rock bands and opera vocalists. Don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy live music in one of the prettiest concert venues in the world! You’ll be happy you came.

Include Heli-Skiing for Adventure Craze in Colorado

Unquestionably, Colorado is among the top places in America to go skiing. However, there is still room for snowy fun even if you have visited all the resorts and believe you have mastered all the groomed runs. The most extreme winter sport there is heli-skiing, which is being done here by many businesses. It is one of the best adventure crazes in Colorado.

Telluride Helitrax gives the prospect of a single drop if you feel like it’s something you need to cross off your bucket list once. Typically, there are alternatives for a day or multiday pass.

If you are looking for an adventure filled weekend in Keystone, Colorado, then don’t miss to check out these activities as well.

Strawberry Parks Hot Springs

It would be best to visit Strawberry Parks Hot Springs, a natural beauty. Bring your swimwear and check out these natural springs the next time you need to recharge. They have been preserved to allow visitors to unwind in a beautiful, untamed setting while still keeping it accessible to everyone. Enjoy Mother Nature’s greatest Jacuzzis while you can. Use Keystone airport shuttles for faster travel time toward the destination.

The park offers day spaces for picnics and restrooms, or if you wish to extend your journey, you can stay overnight. Visit the local hiking trails, or if you ride a bike, bring it with you. Afterward, you can always unwind in the springs and ease your aching muscles. Thanks to the stunning and distinctive stone formations surrounding the springs, your visit will be worth your visit.

Go Dog Sledding

Even though everyone has seen the films Snow Buddies and Eight Below, Colorado is the perfect place to fulfill your frozen fantasies if you haven’t already. Siberian huskies from your team will lead you through the stunning terrain. These cute canines are all set for a romp through the trails. When we talk about the adventure craze in Colorado, it is one the best on the list.

Get ready to shout “mush” when visiting Krabloonik Dogsledding in Aspen or Good Times Adventures outside Breckenridge. You can take a different kind of dog sledding excursion even in the summer. You may ride along with the dogs at Good Times as they go on “workout runs” while being pulled by a cart or scooter. Over 150 Siberian Huskies are waiting for your dogs at the kennel, with the option of just hanging out.

Comanche National Grasslands

Southeast Colorado is home to the Comanche National Park, a National Grassland. The preserve is split into two areas, each managed by a different district of rangers—one in Springfield and one in La Junta. As far back as 8,000 years ago, Native Americans decorated the cliffs and rocks with drawings. You can use the cheapest shuttles in Breckenridge for the trip.

The natural beauty of grasslands can be a welcome diversion from the splendor of mountains or beaches. Visit the area’s ancient artwork or go outside to the Picketwire Canyon to view dinosaur footprints! Explore the paths on foot, on a bike, or even on a horse. You can return to a motel to relax or “rough it” at the nearby campground. When we talk about the best adventure craze in Colorado, it will stand out of the box.

Arkansas River

The Arkansas River, the most famous river in the country, was created in the Rocky Mountains. Additionally, whether you want to go for a half-day excursion or make it a multiday extravaganza, it is ideal for white water rafting. Depending on your degree of experience, there are several rafting routes, ranging from family-friendly to Class IV.

If you’re an experienced whitewater rafter, start in Bighorn Canyon. For a genuine natural experience, you can stay for days and camp by the river. The Royal Gorge and Browns Canyon offer chances for multiday trips or day trips for both experienced and novice rafters. Spend some time discovering this lovely region of Colorado, and you may find a new interest.

Wolf Tours at Full Moon

The legend of wolves howling at a full moon is quite old. But in Divide, a small town south of Canon City, you can experience what most people only see in tales and movies. The once-a-month Full Moon Tour is the most well-liked activity at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center. When we talk about the best adventure craze in Colorado, wolf tours at the full moon are best for relaxing your mind.

After a brief stroll at dusk, a guide will lead a group howl, during which you may hear the wolves howling over the ominous moonlight. If you cannot participate in the midnight experience, you can still meet the coyotes, feed the animals, and have a private VIP meeting with the wolves whenever you go.

Hanging Lake

Glenwood Canyon contains Hanging Lake. To see this geological marvel and breathtaking exhibition of nature’s grandeur, follow Dead Horse Creek as it winds its way up. The stunning Hanging Lake, which hangs practically at the bottom of the cliffs, will make you forget how difficult the ascent was.

Bring your camera to capture the lake’s stunning cascades and sparkling turquoise waters. It is inhabited by a delicate ecosystem, preserved by refraining from swimming or splashing in the alluring water. This sacrifice is more than worthwhile to protect the environment. Enjoy the calm and quiet that come with this peaceful lake and the naturally existing hanging plant gardens.


Colorado is a great place to have fun. Due to Colorado’s size and diversity, a day’s trip will allow you to view a lot of intriguing sights. Great cities, stunning national parks, and a wealth of history may all be found here. Fresh Tracks Transportation is here to help you reach the top tourist destinations in Colorado. Winter season or Summer, Fresh Tracks Transportation provide premium airport shuttle services in Colorado to help tourists reach their favorite destinations to/from DIA. Even if you cannot see every view on our list, you can undoubtedly make a significant dent. Here we help you find the adventure craze in Colorado. You must find the best place to visit Colorado on your weekends.

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