Exciting Events in Colorado to Enjoy this Winter Season

When there are so many enjoyable things to do in Colorado, it is simple to enjoy the winter season in Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are great for snow and ice-based activities, including traditional downhill skiing and snowboarding and ice fishing on a frozen lake.

There are also many more modern methods to appreciate the splendor of winter. Your days and nights should never be dull in the Rockies, where there are winter festivals and great eating at the neighborhood lodge. Each winter, there are a variety of spectacular activities to do when it first snows.

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Ski Resorts

There is terrain for every type of skier and snowboarder, and there are over 30 top ski resorts in Colorado. There are many affordable and easy ski options for all types of skiers. Smaller slopes are ideal for learning the skill, and massive, enormous playgrounds will keep the entire group occupied for days.

The state’s most well-known resorts are also some closest to Denver. Among the most popular destinations in the state are winter activities in Breckenridge and Vail. There’s probably a ski resort nearby anywhere you go in the Rockies.

Arapahoe Basin often opens first, but Wolf Creek and even Loveland occasionally try to beat it out. The ski season here typically starts somewhere in October. You have to try the affordable shuttles in Breckenridge to travel across Breckenridge.

Snowcat Skiing | Winter season in Colorado

With their lines down the mountainside, snowcat skiers tear through brand-new powder in the wilderness. Your day will start with a heated snowcat ride through unspoiled, natural terrain; then, you’ll use your skis or snowboard to explore untracked meadows. Snowcats’ comfort will suit you if being blown in the face by icy winds is not your thing.


Let’s choose heli-ski to explore the broad region of the mountains rather than the conventional path. Imagine leaning out the door of a helicopter with a cool winter breeze caressing your face as you leap into a descending slope.

Heli-skiing is ideal for people addicted to adrenaline or who want to try something new. Telluride Helitrax and Silverton Heli-Skiing are two well-known service companies headquartered in the winter season in Colorado.

Skiing in the mountains

Skiing in the Rocky Mountains isn’t only fun on the downhill slopes. Cross-country skiing, often known as Nordic skiing, is excellent all across the state. There are Nordic centers close to all the popular ski towns and resorts and countless kilometers of self-guided paths in the national forests.

If you love night skiing in Colorado, then don’t miss to read about the night skiing fun in Colorado.


Most of the aforementioned Nordic centers in Colorado on their multi-use trails allow snowshoers access. Like many ski resorts, many will even offer snowshoe rentals. It’s common for ski slopes to establish separate routes just for these winter walkers or to let snowshoeing on a few of its cat trails (greens).

School of Ski Mountaineering

In addition to mountaineering, orienteering, and climbing, ski mountaineering combines uphill and downhill skiing. This sport is ideal for you if you like to stroll around the winter countryside while taking in and savoring the surroundings. Among all of the winter seasons in Colorado’s other mountain ranges, it is typical along the Front Range.

Park at Cave of the Winds | Winter season in Colorado

These Manitou Springs display caves, which are always 54 degrees Fahrenheit, can be visited on various tours, from the spookier lantern-lit time to spelunking 101. Feel the real darkness of a cave while keeping a sharp ear out for a bat or two.

Trips to a backcountry hut

Hut visits are the pinnacle of wintertime experiences winter season in Colorado. In the state, more than 160 huts and yurts (permanent circular tents) are available for extended snowshoeing excursions and cross-country skiing. Usually, they are equipped with the necessities for cooking, heating, and sanitary comforts.

Fishing on ice

Through the use of a variety of modern technologies, like ice fishing huts, heated knee pads, portable heaters, and tiny portable drills called augers, ice fishing has become accessible, pleasant, and nearly risk-free for the majority of adventurers. Ice fishing is ideal for you if you love to fish and don’t want the cold to keep you from going.

Equine riding

From the back of a mustang, and no, we are not referring to a matte-black supercharged Mustang, Colorado’s stunning and Instagram-worthy countryside is even more exhilarating. We’re referring to a horse that can carry you through snow-covered ravines.

Snowmobile Tours with Guides

Take a snowmobile excursion across Colorado’s snowy landscapes with your closest buddies. All around the Rockies, there are numerous alternatives. The majority of businesses provide quick guided trips through the national woods. Most will typically arrive in a large meadow or another location where you can go quickly without worrying about running into people in front of you.

Tubing on snow

These winter vacations and activities will appeal to both young and young-at-heart people. Sledding is similar to snow tubing, except that you are on an inner tube, and a lift is typically involved. It makes it much easier and more manageable to climb back up the hill and compete with your friends this time. In some places, you can even connect your tubes to those of others for an added thrill. Enjoy more fun and adventure in Colorado with plenty of activities at your disposal in Frisco.

Heat Sources

After a long day of wintertime exploration in the Rocky Mountains, there is nothing quite like relaxing in a hot spring. There are many options, ranging from undeveloped resorts with numerous pools, spas, and lodging on-site to free, rustic pools next to rivers.

Final Thoughts

Those are some of our favorite activities in the winter season in Colorado. Make the most of your time in the Rocky Mountains by engaging in these wonderful activities. Where should you go?

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