In Keystone, What Goes on During Winters?

You’ll be surprised to know that approximately 70 percent people visit Keystone when winter comes. Enthusiastic travelers love the Keystone Winter Activities and call it “Winter Wonderland”. Now, let’s read up a bit on the place, and ways to make the most of your time over there.

The opening and the closing times

The first week of November usually marks the starting phase of Keystone, and the place shuts down by the second or, at the most, the third week of April.


The location is around five miles down Arapahoe Basin Ski Area. (The Arapahoe Basin is opened right up till the end of May ever year; sometimes, this place may even be opened up till July 4.)

The environment on weekdays

Apart from Spring break and Christmas, the weekdays in the area are never crowded. However, don’t use the adjective “deserted” with Keystone; on these days, you’ll find people creating moments full of mirth, but that won’t mean you’ll be walking cheek by jowl with them on the road or on lift lines.

Now, speaking of lift lines, there’s absolutely zero waiting time and even the dining area can accommodate a lot of people. Weekdays make an apt time to be here if you’re visiting for drinking, skiing, and eating. However, if you’re thinking of experiencing some nightlife during weekdays, you’ll not get what you’re expecting.

The restaurants and watering holes are open up till midnight; nevertheless, if you’re planning to do pub crawls in the dead of night, Keystone isn’t the place to do that during weekdays.

How about weekends, then?

During weekends, you’ll find the white powdery expanses to be dotted with skiers. (However, that doesn’t mean you’ll not be given an opportunity to glide using your skis; there’s ample area for everyone.) If you’re in search for a skiing paradise, we think Keystone is the place to be at.

In weekends, the place hosts a range of exciting events such as festivals, pro ski events, and other related free concerts. (One of the most popular fests at Keystone is the wine festival that happens annually.)

Final Thoughts

If we talk of the nightlife during weekends, it’s more eventful than what you’ll possibly find during weekdays. The real fun will lie while taking a hike (during nights) from Mountain House to River Run. If, however, you’re hell-bent to gauge the area’s nightlife’s vibrancy, visit The Snake River Saloon, or The Goat, or Dos Loco’s.

If you don’t mind being behind the wheel, you can drive down to Dillon and check out Dam Brewery, Pug Ryans, and other similar haunts. So, now, we’ve given you enough information so that you can plan your visit to Keystone properly.